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KS4 Health & Social Care

SUBJECT  Health and Social Care BTEC         YEAR 10

CONTENT  Module 1 – Human Life Span developmentSome of the topics we look at are:

looking at different life stages

looking at child development

looking at expected and unexpected life events

issues surrounding unexpected life events.

understanding developmental stages

preparation for the examined part of the curriculum.

Examination preparationExamination is an external examination which will be sat in January.  Module 2-Care Values AUnderstanding the core care values.

Being able to show usage of  the care values in context

Understanding the importance of care values

Being able to demonstrate an understanding of the issues when care values are used effectively and ineffectively.

 Module 2 – Care ValuesUnderstanding what empowerment is.

Understanding the importance of empowering people within a care setting.

Issues when there is a lack of empowerment

 Module – 6 Healthy diets

Understanding what makes up a healthy, balanced diet.

Being able to understand how peoples culture, beliefs, financial and moral and ethics can affect diet.

Understand the part each food group plays in development

Being able to look at illnesses that mean diet may be affected.

Completing the key sections of the unit 6Students must create guidance materials to support the advice given.
SKILLS Being able to use case studies to explain developmental differences. Role Play – demonstrate usage of care valuesShowing a clear understanding of the importance of care values. A report showing understanding of empowerment in a care setting.How can a person who needs care have the best situation to ensure they are empowered?

Use of Case studies to explain different  circumstances


Being able to use case studies for 2 patients who have different dietary requirements.Being able to offer advice on improving diet and health.

Providing guidance to patients/parents carers.

A report needs to be created.

Ensuring both reports are written and the PowerPoint guidance is done.Giving the presentation to the class.
ASSESSMENT[S] Mock examination Formal examination.Externally marked worth 25% of the final grade.

Grade will be returned by March.

2 pieces of portfolio work -assessed internally.Section A

CORE piece of work

Worth 25% of the course

Assessed internally.Section B

CORE piece of work

Worth 25% of the course

Assessed internally25% of the course. Assessed internally.Work will be moderated by the examination board.
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