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For Year 11's who may be joining us at Leeds City College in September. 

Our applications are still open, and we are actively encouraging young people to still apply to us. 

We are in the process of arranging alternative interviews for our courses, but these vary in how they will be done. Some may be done on a video call, some may be done via an online form, and some courses are still deciding on how to proceed best. 

Our advice at this stage to any pupils who have applied would be to look out for a call and/or an email from the college.  It is vital that if their details change, they let us know ASAP so we can update our systems. If a pupil has applied and not heard back yet, the best thing to do is to get in touch with us via email or on the webchat on our website, and we can follow this up. 

We understand that starting college at this time might be a daunting experience: we want to help! We did webinars a couple of weeks ago which were a virtual way of finding out more about the college. These will be added to the website shortly, so you can direct your pupils there. We have also updated out FAQs page on the website. If any of your pupils are coming to you with specific concerns about coming to college due to COVID-19,  please share these with us. 

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