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"Many thanks to the numerous parents and carers who attended our parents information event on 31st January where we talked through the progress the academy has made since September. It was fantastic to see the event so well attended and the feeling of positivity from everybody was great.  Rest assured I and all the staff at the academy will be working hard to ensure that we continue to improve still further and get an even better educational experience for every student, every lesson every day."



There are a number of staffing changes as we say goodbye to some colleagues and welcome new staff to the Academy. Mr Moreman will be retiring from the Music department after over 20 years working at TSA and formerly Aireville. Mr Wraith, Vice Principal is leaving to join a school in Bradford.  Mrs Broadbent in English and Mr Metcalfe in ICT have also secured jobs in other schools. We wish them every success in their new roles.

Joining to replace them are Mr Waseem in ICT, Ms Adams in Performance, Mrs Nutter in English and Mrs Dudley as Senco who also teaches English. We also welcome
Mrs Carson back from her maternity to come and teach in the Science department again.

It’s been a busy term with our students and staff working hard to help improve standards in all areas. Our Year 11 students have just finished their mock exams and will receive their results soon. We have had fantastic events like Awards Evening, Anti Bullying week and attendance focus week. As I’ve said before we should all strive for 100% attendance and I’d like to thank parents who are supporting us to push up level of attendance still further. My own particular favourite was the Christmas dinner which myself and the staff helped serve to students. It was great to see so many students enjoying the festive food.

After Christmas we will welcome in the New Year which will give us an opportunity to focus again on the things which are helping to raise standards at the academy. The PTA have kindly donated £2000 to help fund a re-launch of the service we provide at lunchtime. That money has been put towards new tables for students to eat at. Added to that the kitchen staff have completely re vamped the menu to include more healthy meals. Make sure you see the website for details of the new menu. Can I remind students and parents that trainers are not acceptable school uniform and that shirts need to be tucked in and that skirts need to be pleated and not the “pencil” style.

To further improve the school and ensure that students arrive on time to school and lessons, and take full advantage of all learning opportunities, the trigger for detentions will be decreased from 3 chances to 2. If a student is late to school, or lessons, twice in one week they will automatically receive a whole school detention. Please continue to support us in improving punctuality by ensuring your son/daughter arrive at the Academy before 8.55am.

Also Year 7 students will be issued new timetables on the final day of term as we have altered some of the groups to ensure that we have no classes that will be taught by cover teachers. I’m aware that some parents and students have been concerned that their regular teacher has been off sick, which I accept is not ideal.  In order to ensure that every year 7 student will have a settled member of staff going forward who is a specialist in the subject we have merged some groups. I am certain that this slight increase in class size will not disadvantage any students and having a subject specialist who will teach them for the rest of the academic year will actually help them to reach their full potential.

Thanks again for your continued support during a very busy time at the Academy.

Richard McManus

Principal, The Skipton Academy


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Commemorating the centenary of WWI - Look out for news of our final performance in 2018

Letters Scene Grassington 2013 - courtesy Helen Peyton
Grassington 2013 - Helen Peyton
Grassington 2016 - 
Rob Freeman
Grassington 2016 - Rob Freeman
Letters Scene TSA 2016 - courtesy Jude Kershaw
At School 2016 - Jude Kershaw


This year’s GCSE results have seen remarkable improvements in English and Maths despite the new examinations becoming more challenging than ever. English and Maths results are the highest ever achieved by the Skipton Academy. 74% of students achieved grades 9-4 in English Language or Literature and 66% achieving 9-4 in Maths with 61% achieving grades 9-4 in both.  Many students achieved excellent academic results such as George Squire who achieved grade 9 in English Language as well as an A* in History and four A’s in other subjects.

This set of results are a testament to the hard work of the students, their parents and the staff at the Academy and provide us with a good base to continue to improve the Academy going forward. We are very proud of the achievement of all our students and are happy that they have achieved the results that their hard work deserve.

Richard McManus


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