Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Healthy Eating and Nutrition


Food is central to the service provided by County Caterers. Meal provision is based on the use of fresh and local ingredients wherever possible using only locally and regionally sourced fresh meat and poultry, local vegetables when in season, delivered by
suppliers based in the County who are able to provide details on the provenance of produce supplied, with food cooked in school kitchens fresh every day.

Our food tenders make reference to the Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative (PSFPI) which supports the Government’s “Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food – Facing the Future”. The objective of this strategy is to secure a sustainable, world class farming and food sector contributing to a better environment and healthy and prosperous communities.

Nutritional Standards:-

The standards were developed following research showing that children were not making healthy food choices at lunchtime and that school meals did not meet their nutritional needs. There are two standards that we must comply with when providing school catering:

1. Food Based Standards:-

They define types of food which are no longer allowed or are restricted, in order to replace food high in fat, sugar or salt with more nutritious food and drinks and were introduced to ensure nourishing food is served more frequently.

2. Nutrient – Based Standards:-

It is important that school lunches contain sufficient energy and micronutrients to promote good nutritional health in all pupils and to protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable. The nutrient-based standards aim to make the food offered healthier by increasing the vitamin and mineral content and decreasing the fat, saturated fat, non-milk extrinsic sugars and sodium, (salt), content. For more information of the nutritional standards:

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