The Skipton Academy Eco Club

The Skipton Academy Eco Club

The Skipton Academy Eco Club have recently been making their own eco bricks. An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density.  Ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for our plastic

Members of the Eco Club, along with members of staff from The Skipton Academy, saved all single use plastic and brought it in to school to be turned in to an Ecobrick. The students spent two meetings cutting up the hundreds of pieces of plastic in to small enough pieces to stuff in to bottles at the right density to be classified as an Eco Brick. This has had a huge impact on the amount of waste going to landfill and all members of the club have noted just how much plastic we throw away as it cannot be recycled.

When complete, our bricks will be sent off to a collection point, where they will be used for a building project, ensuring that the plastic inside will never end up in a landfill site.

The Eco Club also has big plans for the walled garden, intending to turn it in to an eco-garden, with wild flowers, bug houses and our own vegetable patch.


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