The Skipton Academy

Year 11 January 2019 Mock Higher Revision List

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Product of prime factors Solving equations Median from a frequency table
Ratio % profit Frequency polygons
Angles Mean Exchange rates
Area of circles Probability Density, mass and volume
Estimating the mean from a table Rotations Reciprocal
Area and perimeter of rectangles+algebra Translations Bounds/error intervals
Algebraic expressions Indices Area and perimeterof rectangles
Quadratic graphs Area of a trapezium Standard form
Ordering recurring decimals Calculator calculations Estimating probability
Speed calculations Calculating pay Compound interest
Fractional indices Distance -time graphs Cumulative frequency graphs/median
Unitary method Calculating speed Probability tree diagrams
Box plots Pie charts
Bounds/error intervals Angles in polygons
Direct proportion % increase
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