• To become an outstanding Academy by 2020.
  • To ensure all learning and teaching is good or better and that lessons are enjoyable, relevant and challenging and encouraging all students to be independent learners.
  • To achieve high outcomes for students and successful progression to high quality further education and employment.
  • To develop a strong reputation for the range and quality of our extra-curricular sporting and cultural activities and encourage all students to participate in the opportunities provided.
  • To ensure each student fulfils their potential by valuing each as an individual and meetings their specific needs.
  • To work closely with local employers, Craven College and others to ensure all students receive independent and high quality information and careers guidance.
  • To ensure high standards of behaviour and develop a reputation for being a caring and respectful learning community that produces confident, well rounded, compassionate and well educated students who can communicate well.
  • To deliver a curriculum that has breadth and depth and aims to meet the needs of today and the future.
  • To value all our staff and provide high quality continuing professional development opportunities.
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