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Ofsted confirm that The Skipton Academy is “on track to become a Good school”

Following a visit from Ofsted on 9th February a letter has been received which confirms leaders have “continued to take considered and effective action to improve the school.” The letter from Her Majesty’s Inspector highlights the numerous further improvements made since 2019 and makes reference to how staff seek to “raise the bar for pupils and broaden their horizons … and how staff are more ambitious for students.” The report also recognises the “warm community feel at social times” and that “behaviour around school is calm.”

As Principal I am delighted that Ofsted have recognised the continuing improvements at The Skipton Academy. It is an external verification that as a leadership team we know our school and community well and have strategically used our partnership with Ilkley Grammar School through Moorlands Learning Trust to be able to propel the school forward. Ofsted also recognised that we understand what we need to do to continue to improve and I am very proud of the fact that the community have already recognised the improvements made and have responded in the Ofsted questionnaire to overwhelmingly agree that it is a school they would recommend to others. As a leadership team we have seen this renewed faith in The Skipton Academy in the increase in student numbers year on year and the report recognises that we have record numbers of students joining us again in Year 7 in September 2022. Those students will enjoy a wider curriculum than ever with Music GCSE returning and a wider range of Design and Technology options. Coupled with the multi-million-pound investment to improve the buildings at the school I know we have all the things in place to continue to improve, grow and become the world class comprehensive school that the town of Skipton deserves.

As a comprehensive, inclusive school I am heartened that the report also notes that pupils with special educational needs and /or disabilities are well supported and that all of our students who left last academic year are all still in education, employment or training, including many who now go on to study A levels at our partner school Ilkley Grammar School. We are now in a position as a school where we cater well for, and have a pathway for the most academic students, which gives them access to outstanding A level provision and progression to university in the future; at the same time we offer high quality provision to students of all abilities and needs along with other high quality destinations. With the continued expansion of our extra-curricular provision I believe we are moving from strength to strength and helping our pupils to become the successful leaders of the future that they have the potential to be.

I would like to thank all the parents and carers who have supported the school in recent years and the staff who, right the way through a very difficult couple of years as was noted in the report, have remained absolutely focused on continuing to help improve the school and further develop the opportunities we can offer. While Covid has presented a series of challenges to us a school and wider community I believe the school ethos of Belong Challenge Inspire continues to focus us on the values and beliefs that will help us all continue to improve and develop.

Helen Williams, CEO of Moorlands Learning Trust echoed Mr. McManus’ comments and said that it was hugely gratifying to see how Ofsted had recognised the wide range of improvements that have been made across all aspects of school life at The Skipton Academy over recent years. She was also delighted that the letter had so positively acknowledged and praised the tireless work of the leadership team and staff throughout the pandemic, as well as the impact that the improvements are evidently having on students as part of the school’s culture of care and achievement. She concluded that it was apparent that The Skipton Academy is now rightly on the cusp of being recognised as a ‘Good’ school and that with the additional senior and middle leader and subject specialist appointments, including in music and design technology being made for September 2022, alongside another record allocation of

more than 130 students for Year 7, The Skipton Academy is now set to cement itself as the comprehensive school of choice for Skipton students.

Richard McManus


Read the report here: 

Read the report here: Ofsted - The Skipton Academy (9Feb22)

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