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Students Empowered with Life-Saving Skills

A remarkable 167 students at Skipton Academy recently took part in Restart a Heart Day, a crucial initiative aimed at imparting life-saving skills. In a day filled with learning and empowerment, these young learners discovered the invaluable techniques of how to restart a heart, realising the profound impact their actions could have in saving a life.

The event was made possible by the dedication of amazing volunteers whose passion and knowledge inspired the students. Their selfless efforts not only equipped these young individuals with vital skills but also instilled in them the confidence to act swiftly and decisively in critical situations.

Skipton Academy extends heartfelt gratitude to these extraordinary volunteers, whose guidance has undoubtedly made a significant difference. Through this initiative, the students not only gained knowledge but also a sense of responsibility, becoming potential lifesavers in their own right. Here's to a community united by the commitment to saving lives – one heartbeat at a time.

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