The Skipton Academy

Year 11 January 2019 Mock Foundation Revision List

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
cm to m Fraction to a decimal Rounding
kg to g Multiples Simplifying expressions
BIDMAS Simplifying expressions Factors
Solving equations Unitary method Best buys
Sequences Pie charts Time
Expressions Ratio Litres to ml
Co-ordinates Fractions Pictograms
Names of lines on graphs Prime numbers Isosceles triangles
Area of a rectangle Scale drawings Angles
Division without a calculator Bearings Estimating
Mean Area of squares Prime numbers
Range Quadrilaterals Fractions of an amount
Stem and leaf charts Frequency trees % off an amount
Two way tables Rates of pay Linear graphs
Probability Substitution Reflections
Volume of a cube % increase Ratio
Comparing fractions Solving equations Volume
Ratio % profit Factorising expressions
Calculating costs Probability Sequences
% off an amount Rotations Exchange rates
Recipes/ratio Translations Density, mass, volume
Estimating and rounding Index notation Area and perimeter of a rectangle
Standard form Standard form
Adding fractions Estimating probability
Product of prime factors
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