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The Skipton Academy Development Plan 2019 - 20

School Priority 1: Transforming Learning to Maximise Progress School Priority 2: Maximising Impact of Assessment School Priority 3:Creating a Culture of Aspiration for All 
1)     High quality personalised learning that caters for and inspires all students, in particular PP and SEN students. 1)     Accuracy of predictions leads to improved progress and allows staff to intervene in an effective and timely manner. 1)     To continue to embed and enhance the values associated with the school ethos.
2)     Consistency in the application of school strategies to deliver high quality learning experiences for all students across the curriculum. 2)      Key stage 3 assessment frameworks, KS4 syllabus and student/staff tracking systems are embedded and used accurately to inform practice and identify where students are below target. 2)     Student behaviour and attendance is good, with low and reducing levels of isolations and exclusions and a culture of pride in TSA is evident amongst the majority of students. 
3)     Teaching is consistently strong across all areas of the school. It is enjoyable, highly personalised and recognises individual starting points to promote outstanding achievement and engagement for all students. 3)     The progress and attainment of all groups of students is consistently good when compared to similar students nationally using Progress 8. 3)     High quality teaching, tutoring and pastoral support play a key role in championing TSA students to become well-rounded, aspirational individuals and exceptional citizens who participate actively in the TSA community and beyond and fully support the school’s ethos of Belong, Challenge, Inspire.
4)     The curriculum is ambitious and caters effectively for the needs of all individuals and is underpinned by logical, stimulating and challenging schemes of learning, with wider aspects promoting and engendering ambition and a strong sense of pride for all. 4)     Effective and regular standardisation is in place across the school, supported by colleagues across the trust 4)     Student leadership opportunities are embedded across the school, in order to foster potential and grow leaders of the future who play a full and active part of life at TSA and beyond.
5)     Highly effective CPD and leadership programmes are in place that support and motivate staff so that they are fully committed to TSA and feel confident about improving their own practice, and the practice of others, so that it impacts on student progress. 5)     Information regarding key assessments and outcomes is regularly shared with parents and carers, to inform them of student progress. 5)     Strategies and processes are in place to support all students, including vulnerable groups, to maintain good mental health, wellbeing and resilience, reduce risk and keep themselves safe, with links to British values and enhancing cultural capital across the academy.
6)     All students develop high levels of independence, resilience, flexibility and confidence in their learning behaviours and skills, and leave TSA having achieved their academic potential. 6)     STAR marking policy is embedded and used consistently as a tool to promote student progress. 6.     To enhance the reputation of TSA as an ambitious, outward facing and collaborative school through the development of our partnerships with Moorlands Learning Trust, local primary schools and the local community.