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British Values Statement

The Department for Education’s five part definition of British Values includes the promotion of: · 

  • democracy;

  • the rule of law;

  • individual liberty;

  • mutual respect; and

  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.TSA fully supports and embraces the expectation that all schools will support and educate students on their understanding and implementation of these principles.

Examples of how we seek to promote these values at TSA include:

  • The important role of student leadership at the academy. Students are elected by their peers to sit on the Student Council and that Council has contributed to school improvement activities. Students also have the opportunity to become leaders in a broad range of curriculum areas. The Head Boy and Head Girl posts are decided following an election campaign, open hustings, speeches and voting
  • Student voice activities are used consistently across the school in all year groups, including as an element of formal faculty reviews, to provide them with the opportunity to reflect on their learning and wider experiences at the academy
  • Student voice has played a crucial role in developing our academy-wide expectations, which constitute the basic rule of law within the academy and guide our day-to-day practices. The involvement of students in this process has helped them to understand the reasoning behind rules and the possible consequences of rule-breaking
  • The academy has a culture where its students develop in a safe environment where they are encouraged to have choices and freedom. Lessons allow students to reflect on their learning and make choices about the next steps in that learning and the challenges they wish to undertake
  • The Personal Development programme provides students with opportunities to develop and openly debate their understanding of democracy, human rights and personal freedoms, and the responsibilities that sit alongside rights
  • We seek to foster an environment of mutual respect among all the members of our community, and respect for the rights of others and their right to learn and express their opinions is central to what we do
  • We seek to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum in which all major religions are studied to allow for the development of understanding, tolerance and respect. This helps students to understand their place within our academy community, the local and national community, and also their place in the world
  • We will promote our ethos and core values in the school to ensure that all students have an understanding of the importance of tolerance, acceptance and respect.

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