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Every student at The Skipton Academy has the opportunity to study up to 9 GCSE, or equivalent, qualifications during their time in Key Stage 4. The ‘core’ curriculum will allow students to achieve up to 5 GCSEs in English language, English literature, mathematics and combined science: trilogy (worth 2 GCSEs). Students will then select a further 4 ‘option’ subjects which will allow them to gain a further 4 GCSE or equivalent qualifications.

The Government encourages students to study a broad and balanced curriculum up to the age of 16, this also allows students not to limit their options at the next stage of their education whether that be within Moorlands Learning Trust at Ilkley Grammar School, another Post 16 provider or on an apprenticeship.

It is important that students make an informed decision in their choice of ‘option’ subjects speaking with yourselves, staff in school and always considering what is required for their likely future pathway. Whatever they choose it will require hard work from them over the next 2 years in order to achieve the best they can and put them in a strong position to achieve in the next stage of their education.

Our inclusive and ambitious curriculum at The Skipton Academy is designed to be broad and balanced, providing our students with the opportunity to foster a life-long love of learning and to achieve academic success in order to progress onto their chosen next steps. Our challenging curriculum has been carefully designed so that it is underpinned by powerful knowledge: promoting hard thinking, asking big questions and inspiring each young person to appreciate the relevance of each subject in the wider world.

Our aim at TSA is to enable our students to be well-rounded individuals, equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their goals. The combination of our drive for academic excellence and an unwavering focus on personal development ensures that our students feel a sense of belonging to the school, and the local and wider community.

Our careful balance of challenge and support creates a learning environment that inspires all to grow, academically and personally. At the end of Year 9, our students select personalised pathways to support them on their learning journey. Students have the option to select an EBacc pathway or a blend of academic and vocational subjects.

The curriculum offer for 2022 is:

Core Foundation Options

English Language

English Literature


Combined Science: Trilogy


Religious Studies

Citizenship and PSHCE

GCSE History

GCSE Geography

GCSE French


GCSE Business

GCSE Food & Nutrition (New for 2022)

GCSE Music (New for 2022)

BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology

BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts 

BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care

LEVEL 1/2 CAMBRIDGE NATIONAL in Engineering Design

To further enhance our curriculum offer, we organise enrichment days throughout the year, to provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves further in and around disciplines that they study.