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Principals update for September 2020

Dear Parents/carers

At the end of the most unusual and challenging period for us all I would like to inform you of our plans
for next year. As you will know schools are reopening to all students from September but in order to
minimise the risks to all we are keeping each year group separate and in what is called in the guidance
a “year group bubble.” This means that each year group will have a designated part of school where the
are based and their teachers will move to them for lessons. They will also be assigned a specific toilet
facility to use and a designated social area. Where there is the need for specialist rooms such as Science
Labs, ICT and Technology rooms we have ensured that they are cleaned before a different year group
needs to use them. We will continue to offer hot food to all year groups but in order to do this safely
we will need to have split lunches and breaktimes to ensure that year group bubbles are not
compromised. I appreciate that this will be very different from what students are used to and we will
send the specific guidance for each year group to parents over the summer shortly before we return in
September. There is some additional guidance due from the Government in mid August and I want to
send the final plans to you at that time rather than send current plans in case there are any changes to
avoid any confusion in September.
In order to share these new ways of working with students we have decided to stagger the return of
students and we will welcome back Year 11 along with our new Year 7 students on Monday 7th
September. The following day Tuesday 8th September we will welcome back Years 8, 9 and 10 as
well as Year 7 and 11. In the current circumstances it becomes more important than ever that students
bring all the equipment they need to school as we will not be able to lend equipment without having
to then sanitise it – Please see the attached list for details. It is also no longer possible for students to
add cash to their catering account as this presents a cross contamination issue at the machine. Please
can you ensure that you have accessed Parent Pay before September and put money on their account
online so they can purchase food from the canteen. They will pay for the food either using a pin number
or by giving their name and form.

Things will be different for us all next term but rest assured that we will ensure that all students are
looked after and feel happy and secure at school. As I have said specific information for each year group
will be sent to you towards the end of the summer and after that point if there are any questions or
concerns that you may have please feel free to contact us as ever.
Have a wonderful summer!

Richard McManus

Download a copy of the letter below:

TSA - Principals update for September 2020

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