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Selfless act to help other young people

Year 7 student decided to send away his long locks of hair.

Jak Heenan, in Year 7, made the decision to have his hair chopped off for charity and then donate the ponytail to help make wigs for children or young patients who have suffered hair loss. Over the lockdowns, Jak decided to let his hair grow, eventually, when it reached a size that could be donated, he made the decision to have it cut off and donated to an incredible cause. The hair was donated to The Little Princess Trust.

Since 2006, The Little Princess Trust has supplied over 8000 wigs to children and young people and have invested over £5 million into ground-breaking childhood cancer research. 


Congratulations and thank you to Jak for going above and beyond when performing such a selfless act. You truly embody our school values of belong, challenge and inspire.

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