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Kindness, Compassion and Understanding

KCU (Kindness, Compassion and Understanding) Project is a refreshing, unique and innovative community collaboration that aims to promote empathy and raise awareness on the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). The KCU campaign was created to combat bullying, hate crimes, violence, and prejudice; however we carefully planned out methods and strategies to deter ourselves from using words that connote any negativity, hence the positive name KCU. 

At the core of the campaign is the exciting new single ‘KCU’ which was created as a narrative device to raise awareness on social issues young people face today. It has a powerful groove with urban/soul/garage/grim flavours, coupled with emotive and genuine lyrics from a young person’s perspective that symbolise the message of KCU.

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, students participated in an assembly where they explored how KCU could impact and improve their lives and that of those in their lives

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