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Revision Launch Unlocking Memory Mastery

The Skipton Academy recently held a revision launch session for year 11 students. The session aimed to help students understand the importance of memory in the revision process and equip them with the skills to succeed in their exams.

The session began with an introduction to the fundamentals of memory and how it works. The students were then asked to experiment with retrieval practice, a powerful memory tool which helps to strengthen and retain knowledge. This was done through a series of activities focusing on different techniques such as using keywords, using diagrams, and using mnemonics.

The students also learnt about the value of spaced repetition, which is the idea of revisiting material at regular intervals over a longer period of time. This helps to ensure that the information is retained and embedded more easily. The students were encouraged to use a revision timetable to ensure that they were regularly revising the entire syllabus.

The session concluded with a discussion on developing a positive attitude to revision. Students were reminded that revision doesnt have to be a daunting task and can be made enjoyable by breaking it down into small chunks and focusing on one topic at a time. They were also encouraged to take regular breaks during revision and to reward themselves for completing tasks.

Overall, the session was a great success and students left feeling more confident in their ability to use memory-enhancing techniques to help them in their exams. The Skipton Academy continues to offer sessions like this to help support and motivate students throughout the revision process.

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