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In Our Time Listen to Melvyn Bragg talk about history, culture, philosophy, religion or science. These podcasts get released weekly on a Thursday. There is also an archive of them on the BBC Radio 4 website. Find something that interests you in these engaging podcasts about all elements of the world.

Stuff You Should Know This weird and wonderful podcast on iHeart Radio offers you answers to the big (and random) questions such as: 'How COVID-19 works', 'Could a Robot Tax Win the War on Poverty?' and 'Was there a real King Arthur' They update and post podcasts most days of the week but there is also a huge backlog of episodes that you could get listening to now.

Science Friday Known as 'Sci Fri' to its fans, this is the best podcast for curious scientists. They will show you the latest discoveries and talk all things science every Friday.

GO Nintendo Kevin Cassidy, the lead editor and creator of the GoNintendo website posts every Saturday (plus there are over 750 episodes already made) This could be your go-to podcast about video games.

The Breakfast Club This informative podcast discusses pop culture and political affairs. The particular focus of this series is on race and diversity and what is sensitive and insensitive in today's world.

Brain Stuff These short episodes explore the world around us. With all podcasts less than 10 minutes, this could be a nice food for thought.

The Best of Youth Sports This podcast is everything sport-related. There are only 16 episodes posted in this podcast so far but there may be more content on its way. They pride themselves on providing the best youth entertainment while also supporting athletes and their journeys.

The Mindful Kind Rachel Kable hosts a mindfulness podcast for people of all ages. With fresh new content on 'Dealing with Anxiety During Coronavirus' and 'Coping with Self-Isolation', this could be the ideal podcast to keep you calm and healthy.

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