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Quiz Champion


Show off your general knowledge skills and challenge family members and friends to an online quiz! Click here for some of our suggestions.

30 Day LEGO Building Challenge


You’re never too old for LEGO!

Lego Challenge

Task Master


Follow the Task Master for a unique, exciting and often whacky task that can be done safely in your home or garden. Upload a video of your attempt and the Task Master chooses a winner. Tasks range from ‘the most inventive way to throw paper into a bin’ to ‘turn your kitchen into a sporting arena’!

Watch something different

The Kids Should See This - Smart video for curious minds of all ages



Try and create your favourite animal using only paper. Origamiway

Create plastic bottle rockets


Re-use before recycling your plastic bottle… see what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar. How high can you make your rocket go? Video it and send it to your tutor. All the instructions you need are here.


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