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Reading Bingo!


Challenge yourself to complete a row by reading 4 different books that match the description then try moving on for a full house!

Need more inspiration?

Use the links below to discover the recommended reading lists for each key stage:

A red cover

A number in the title

A book you have read before

Set in the UK

By Charles Dickens

Recommended by a friend

A short story

An autobiography

A colour in the title

Free choice

Set in a different country

A book that has been turned into a film

Non fiction


A play

An audiobook



Audible has announced the launch of Audible stories, letting anyone, anywhere access over 200 full-length audiobooks for free for the duration of school closures. There’s no log-in or registration required and it's not a free trial. All the titles in the collection are available to stream straight from the web and there’s no limit to how much people can listen. Click here

Storytime with David Walliams

You can listen to David Walliams' daily short stories. Visit his website for activities, clips, books and more!

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