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Art and Design Statement of Intent

Art is not what you see but what you make others see- Edgar Degas

The Art and Design curriculum at The Skipton Academy provides students with a broad range of artistic experience constructed to promote curiosity, creativity and self-reflection.  The cohesive ambitious curriculum is designed to ensure all students can experience and achieve success, consistently building on their prior experiences.

Our aim is to empower students to be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings about the world without fear of misunderstanding. Through engaging with art forms from a spectrum of cultures, genders, backgrounds and beliefs, we encourage students to better understand themselves and their world.

It was really when I was at art school that I started to see the relationship between history, philosophy, politics and art. Prior to that I thought that art was just making pretty pictures – actually art is connected to life.

Yinka Shonibare, artist

Over time the challenging curriculum will empower students in their development of powerful knowledge, unlocking understanding and control of a wide range of techniques, media and materials. We encourage all students to be resilient, confident and have pride in their artistic achievements.

Our aim is to ensure all students believe they can communicate visually without fear of misunderstanding.

At Key Stage Three we deliver a carefully considered, broad and balanced curriculum that responds to the national curriculum. This work is also linked to the GCSE art and Design curriculum to aid a smooth transition. The work builds on student’s key stage two experience in a logically sequenced manner developing intellectual and technical skills responsively.

Creativity is critical thinking and without it how are you going to open up and ask harder questions? Art opens up those… possibilities to think beyond what we already know.

Catherine Opie, artist

At Key Stage Four we follow AQA, GCSE, Art and Design 8201. The course builds on the students’ Key Stage Three experience.

 As time passes increasing emphasis is placed on personal choices and decision making as students develop their individual responses. This requires a deep level of understanding, wider reading, deeper research and the ability to think creatively in order to overcome barriers.

We aim to provide a safe environment in which students are happy to take risks, develop questioning skills through their creative journey and use peer and self-critiques to guide further development and problem solving.

It is important that students recognize the transferable skills that art and design offer which will enrich their life experience. Students who achieve excellence in Art and Design are students who are inquisitive, creative, driven and open-minded, who seek to challenge themselves throughout their artistic journey.

KS3 Learning Journey

Art -Road map KS3

KS4 Learning Journey

Art -Road map ks4

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