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Food and Nutrition

We study Food as it is an integral and essential part of everybody’s life, as such we aim to build a working knowledge, interest and practical capability in this area. Food is an integral part of life essential for good Health and Well-being but also a huge industry with Hospitality being one of the biggest market forces in the Country. Food is a mainstay of the British way of life and eating out is a cultural and social way of life for many.

By studying Food, students will start with the basics of cooking, food preparation and food safety while exploring and understanding how to prepare food that is nutritious. We build the Cultural capital for students with the exploration of dietary needs, developing an awareness of British foods and understanding the importance of Food miles, seasonal foods and locally sourced food. Students develop an understanding of Food provenance to complete the knowledge of where food comes from, preparation techniques and the production of a final product. Students will develop the ability to follow instructions, work collaboratively, and develop independence and confidence in decision-making while developing a deep understanding of Health, Hygiene and Safety. Students will develop confidence and resilience in Food preparation techniques, developing new skills and creativity in the art of cooking.

Student progress through key stage 3 scaffolding knowledge and skills acquired to develop a broad range of practical outcomes. This is complemented by theoretical knowledge including the Eatwell Guide and Nutrition while encouraging students to be able to apply knowledge to make informed decisions about food when selecting and preparing ingredients for their own lifestyle choices.

Progression into Key Stage 4 includes the GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition. By studying Food students are well equipped to take further steps in working in the Food Industry or further study at College leading to the many University courses and Apprenticeships available.


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