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Cambridge National in Engineering Design

Engineering is fundamental to our modern economy and the key to driving change and innovation. This modern Engineering qualification reflects this and provides students with a solid foundation for understanding and applying this subject in their future academic or working lives.

The course is an opportunity for students to study the processes involved in designing and making new engineered products. Through research and practical activities, they will learn to understand how market requirements and opportunities inform client briefs. They will then develop their skills in designing, computer modelling, and making, to communicate and demonstrate their designs. The qualification also encourages them to consult with a client and, with its practical focus, engages them in producing, testing and evaluating a prototype.

The course aims to relate authentic real-world awareness of design practices and strategies used by engineering industries. Students use critical thinking, leading towards invention and design innovation, to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

Learning Journey

KS4 Technology

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