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BTEC Health & Social Care

The study of Health and Social Care at The Skipton Academy aims to equip students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics that underpin the skills and qualities needed within this specific sector for future employment.

The curriculum within Health and Social Care supports the school ethos as this subject is broad, balanced and relevant to the needs of students and their future employers, it challenges students to be collaborative and problem solve and for them to develop a desire for knowledge.

Students are academically challenged through the broadness of the curriculum and the wide range of real-life scenarios that they may face which will prepare them and their families for life after The Skipton Academy.

Our aspiration is that our Health and Social Care curriculum supports a learner centred approach where students work independently to strive to reach their full potential. Students will take part in personalised scenarios and case studies. Students will share their individual experiences with other learners and develop skills in analysing information and communicating for a specific purpose which will support their progression to Level 3 vocational or academic qualifications.

The structure of the course is based around 3 components. During the first 2 components students’ knowledge is applied in assignment-based assessments, as students learn the content, they can apply their knowledge and build in confidence. The final component is externally assessed this allows students to promote a deep learning connection between knowledge and practice, this ensures that students revisit, reinforce and extend their skills as they will need to apply them to real life scenarios through case studies and how to improve someone’s health and wellbeing. There will be an opportunity for Guest Speakers to attend in person, via zoom and teams’ meetings. The Guest Speakers will be able to offer their expertise in their own sectors, the Guest Speakers vary from Care Home Managers, Health Care Assistants, Nurses, Doctors and Assisted Living with Adults with Disabilities.

Health and Social Care lessons are structured to promote class discussions on various subjects and topics, this will promote student’s ability to articulate their views and ideas around the areas within the specification.

We want our students to learn threshold Concepts which underpin the Health and Social Care sector, the study of PIES and the 7 Care Values. The aspirational teaching allows students the knowledge about providing Physical. Intellectual, Emotional and Social support to help people live their lives.

The 7 Care Values develops empathy, empowerment, commitment and compassion, this allows our students to learn in a practical learning environment that is interactive which will enable our students to instil the principles of becoming well rounded citizens that will have a positive impact within their community.

The Schema recognises several cross curricular links for our Health and Social Care students where key concepts can be enhanced further, we are working closely with the Science and PE Departments where students develop their knowledge about body systems and physiological disorders. There are also links to Maths (Data Interpretation, Assessment and Formulas) English (Reading, Writing, Diction and Spelling) Business Studies (Research Methods, Types of Service, Functions within a Setting and Customer Care) and finally Religious Studies (Culture and Religion).

Health and Social Care Learning Journey

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