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Core Physical Education (PE) is studied by all students from year 7 to 11, with the opportunity to study the subject further in their Key Stage 4 options.  Students are challenged to be physically active and have the opportunity to engage in competitive situations.

The PE curriculum at The Skipton Academy is designed to help students become more physically confident and develop knowledge of health and fitness. This is achieved through offering a broad and balanced range of activities which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum and more.

Students are challenged to be physically active and competitive, which are all underpinned by powerful knowledge of the components of fitness.

 Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students initially work on transferable skills and gameplay, where students are encouraged to develop schema between different activities to help them make common links and adaptations.  They will then start to apply these ideas specifically to a range of sports and activities, including; invasion games, net games, striking and fielding games, athletics, fitness testing and training, gymnastics, dance and outdoor and adventurous activities.  Students will be equipped with the powerful knowledge of the rules and regulations of sports and activities and the techniques and tactics used within them.

The sequencing of the curriculum allows students the opportunity to analyse their performances compared to previous ones and strive to make improvements and challenge personal bests.  Activities usually follow the playing seasons of National Governing Bodies to coincide with competitions and the opportunity to take up activities out of school.

In addition to the curriculum, students with leadership potential are identified in Key Stage 3 to further develop their skills within our leadership academy, where opportunities to work with external agencies are taken to deliver activity sessions to local primary school children.

 Key Stage 4

Core PE

In Key Stage 4, students are given more responsibility for the content of their lessons and will be actively encouraged to lead different stages of lessons; including warm-up activities and the organisation, time-keeping and officiating of games. With this responsibility, an enhanced focus on fairness and equality will be instilled to appreciate the differences and needs of each individual within lessons.

Student will have the opportunity to become rounded participants and contributors in PE lessons and will be encourage to plan for life-long participation in physical activity to gain physical and mental health benefits.

BTEC Sport

Our Key Stage 4 option offer is the BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness. The sequence of this curriculum is carefully designed to be coherent and logical to ensure that cross topic links are closely matched.

Assessment of the course is a combination of assignments and an exam. Assignments are set in a broad range of styles, including; written reports, presentations and session planning and leading.

Students will first study the body systems used in sport and activity to understand their structure and functions, along with how they adapt to exercise. Alongside this, practical lessons will allow students to undertake fitness testing and training to gain valuable experience of the body systems in action.  The curriculum then moves on to planning for leading activity sessions, again drawing on the powerful knowledge of the body systems, while also considering the psychological benefits of taking part in physical activity. Further psychological aspects are investigated before considering how nutrition can affect sports performance.  Injuries and rehabilitation are explored before culminating with the use of technology in sport and activity.

KS3 Learning Journey

KS3 PE Learning Journey

KS4 Learning Journey

KS4 PE Learning Journey

BTEC Sport Learning Journey

BTEC Sport Learning Journey

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