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GCSE Business Studies

Business studies is a rich and varied subject that prepares students for all aspects of working life. No matter what industry students will eventually find themselves in after their learning journey, they will need to work successfully and understand the nature of working in an organisation with other people and clear objectives. People who are successful in business not only transform their own lives but the lives of others, James Dyson helped keep our houses clean and Steve Jobs connected us to the world around us through his revolutionary Apple products. Business studies is a broad and fascinating subject that keeps evolving as the world that we live in as employers, employees and consumers does to. Business studies therefore underpins almost any role and as such can offer exciting and well-paid careers.

This qualification will give your son/daughter the opportunity to explore real business issues and how businesses work. Students will consider the practical application of business concepts whilst adopting a holistic approach to the subject, the course demonstrates the interrelated nature of business using business models, theories and techniques to support analysis of contemporary business issues and situations to provide a dynamic specification. The depth and breadth of the content is designed to engage and inspire students through topics and issues that are relevant in today’s society – they will study key contemporary developments such as digital technology and business ethics which typically looks at how businesses make decision and their community involvement, helping students to reflect critically on theirs. The curriculum continues to focus on developing resilient learners who are able to recover from mistakes and effectively solve problems. This will help develop lifelong learning and future preparation. We endeavour to make the curriculum as fun and interesting as possible with a high level of challenge by offering breadth and depth of experiences for the students in order to motivate their active engagement and inspire them to be successful business people or even the next famous Entrepreneur! Our aim is to ensure that you develop and achieve Business understanding that is directly transferable, not only to other subjects, but also beyond, developing a wide range of practical and theoretical skills that will prepare you for the future. Therefore, this course is aimed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be ready for the next stage of their life either in further education or career.

Business Studies is one of the most international studied subjects in the world, due to how broad the subject is. As a broad subject in the social sciences, business studies opens the study field to a focus of specialties such as accountancy, finance, organisation, human resources management and marketing. Business Studies is a great choice for anyone interested in the world of commerce and entrepreneurship. It's a great way to prepare for lifelong learning in the fields of business and management, and to equip yourself with the know-how to start up your own business or follow a career in finance, accounting, marketing or management post university. Through Business Studies GCSE, you'll engage with the world of business through the context of current business developments and real business situations. You'll learn how management, leadership and decision-making can improve performance in marketing, operational, financial and human resources and these areas as all components of the syllabus are covered in depth, developing your understanding and mastery of the subject. You'll also explore the interrelated nature of business activities and how they affect businesses, be they large or small, UK or internationally focussed and in different sectors such as service or manufacturing. You'll learn how to analyse competitive environments and markets; assess how ethical, environmental and technological factors influence decision making; use a range of quantitative and non-quantitative data to evaluate strategic and functional options; understand how decision made affect stakeholders and how they will respond. You will explore how businesses act as responsible citizens and give back to the needs of their local community. You will learn how to motivate staff using a range of monetary and non-monetary methods. You will learn what makes an inspirational leader and how to get the best from your staff. You'll also develop your critical analysis, decision-making and problem-solving skills through challenging content and case studies. The knowledge and skills gained on this course can be utilised in a huge range of business and management fields, are transferable across many areas of study and professions and can be used to manage your personal decision-making, planning and finances.

We aim to enable students to develop a love for the subject and an understanding that there are no limits to their personal development in understanding the complexity of business and applying their expertise to business case studies in a consultative capacity.

Our vision is to provide quality business education to equip students to use organisational and holistic thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Business studies has deep links with mathematics, psychology, sociology, and design and technology, and provides insights into both profit making and not for profit organisations.

GCSE Business Learning Journey

GCSE Business Learning Journey Pt2

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