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"Learning a language will help equip students with the skills needed to be successful in today’s global society."

At The Skipton Academy, we want to inspire a love of languages to help students understand other cultures and become more open and adaptable to new experiences. We aim for students to have access to a culturally rich programme of study without necessarily having experienced it first-hand. Through high challenge and high aspirations for all in the classroom, we aim to develop confident and resilient linguists who are intrigued by and inquisitive about the language and culture of francophone countries. We are committed to creating opportunities for students to become independent learners in an environment, which allows them to reach their full potential.

Students are taught via the four core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We utilise engaging and interactive activities with a key focus on communicating in the target language where possible.

KS3: This will cover key grammar structures and vocabulary through topics such as free-time activities, school subjects, town and local area and technology as well as having the opportunity to work on projects to broaden their knowledge of cultural aspects of francophone countries.

KS4: The programme of study builds on the core knowledge gained at KS3 and prepares students for the academic rigour of the AQA GCSE specifications. The topics covered we feel are relevant to the youth of today so that they can be stimulated by and engaged in views shared by students of their own age in the French-speaking world. We immerse them in topics such as future study and work-related pathways and careers using a foreign language as well as talking about the environment and social issues such as charity work and homelessness. It will also offer them an insight into the culture and customs of the francophone world to help increase their cultural awareness.

A selection of revision resources for students Y7-9 can be found here:

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